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2018-19 Annual Report | Tribute Gifts

Gifts in Honor or Memory

family and friends can honor or memorialize the legacy of a beloved family member or friend through tribute gifts. whether honoring a significant event such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, or birth of a child, tribute gifts are meaningful ways to acknowledge the impact solebury school had on the life of a loved one. 

throughout the year, we receive many gifts in honor of alumni, students, faculty, and staff—past and present. these gifts are special reminders of solebury’s commitment to creating community and providing a sense of home for our students, their families, our beloved faculty, and dedicated staff while they are here. 

365vip体育在线投注the connections made at solebury truly last a lifetime, and these tribute gifts are a reminder of the lasting impressions our community makes on all of us who are fortunate enough to be part of it.


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
† for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae


In honor of Adam and Eliza Mlodzinski '17
Walter Mlodzinski and Christine Connelly P'17

In honor of Adrian Monzon '21
Joseph and Karean Edwards P'21°

In honor of Aidan Holtz '20
Joshua Holtz and Felicia Holtz P'20

In honor of Amy Tavipatana '19
Phakaphong and Sitthinee Tavipatana P'19 P'21°

In honor of Andrei Benoliel '18
Jeff Benoliel and Amy Branch P'18 •

In honor of Autumn Walker '21
365vip体育在线投注 Anonymous°

In honor of Ben Deschutter '19
Douglas and Wendi DeSchutter P'19 °

In honor of Bianca Sessegolo '19
Italo and Beverly Sessegolo P'19 '21°

In honor of Bill Berkeley '49
Dan '63 and Patricia Cohen*

In honor of Teddy Hooijberg '16
365vip体育在线投注 Robert Hooijberg and Brenda Steinberg P'16 °

In honor of Britta Milks and Peter Ammirati '83
Shuo Shawn Chen and Ling Huang P'21

In honor of Carly Feld '19
Steve and Tracy Feld P'19 •

In honor of Cate Cole '20
Brad and Stacy Cole P'20

In honor of Chris Cuthrell '18
365vip体育在线投注 Ellen Cuthrell and Brad Wuerstle P'18

In honor of Coco Cai '18
Jun Cai and Xiuqin Lin P'18 °

In honor of Daniel Kim '18
Dave Kim '97 °

In honor of David Elliott '69
365vip体育在线投注 Ralph Dratman '68***

In honor of David Leshan '54
365vip体育在线投注 William Ashman '78 † •

In honor of Debby Qu '19
365vip体育在线投注 Tao Qu and Teresa Zhang P'19

In honor of each member of Lathrop House
Tim and Susan Gallen •

In honor of Ellie O’Brian '19
365vip体育在线投注 Jonathan and Andrea O'Brian P'17 '19 '21 •

In honor of Em Law
Patricia Law 

In honor of Emma Salerno '19
365vip体育在线投注 Amanda and Mike Salerno P'19 '22 •

In honor of Eden Biskin '13
365vip体育在线投注 Barbara Gronsky •

In honor of Eva Creeden '20
365vip体育在线投注 Jeff and Allison Borden P'20 °

In honor of Forest Coburn
365vip体育在线投注 Carolyn Coburn-Allen '68**

In honor of Fred Shi '18
Ning Shi and Hong Shi P'18 °

In honor of Hans Huang '18
365vip体育在线投注 Weixiong Huang and Chaojun Lu P'18

In honor of Helen Jin '18
Liang Jin and Lingqing Zhan P'18 °

In honor of Holmquist Dorm Parents: Hanna, Zach, 
   Helen, Peter, Jessica, and Maria

365vip体育在线投注 Andrew Braun and Laurie Braun P'20

In honor of Iano Sereno '68
John Sadwith '68****

In honor of Jane Shuster '19
Andrew Shuster and Ellen Eskenazi P'19

In honor of Jason Burns '19
Jennifer K. Burns P'19 •

In honor of Jean Shaw '54
365vip体育在线投注 Annsi Cole Stephano '58 P'77 '78 '81****

In honor of Jeremy Fergusson '63
Margaret Hayden '63***

In honor of Jillian Vander Zwan '19
365vip体育在线投注 Nancy Vander Zwan P'19 •

In honor of Julian Lathrop
365vip体育在线投注 Raymond Fogelson '51*****

In honor of Ken Guo’s Class of 2020
365vip体育在线投注 Youquan Guo and Lijun Zhang P'20°

In honor of Laura '03, Emily '08, and Sebastian '09
365vip体育在线投注 Diane and Jonathan '71 Downs P'03 '08 '09**

In honor of Leah R. Hunt '16
Tom Hunt '74 and Kathrine Motley P'16***

In honor of Leila and Phoebe Crooks '22
Alexandra Ashman °

In honor of Leo Dieterly-Malone '19
365vip体育在线投注 Michael Reilly and Anna Dieterly P'19

In honor of Lucas Leguizamo '19
365vip体育在线投注 John and Justine Leguizamo P'19

In honor of Lulu Talerico '19
365vip体育在线投注 James Talerico Jr and Shawn McCormack P'19

In honor of Mala Sundstrum
Kimble Anne Perry '73 •

In honor of Marcia Toland '65 
Carolyn Coburn-Allen '68**

In honor of Max Falke '19
Mary Beth Zaniboni P'19

In honor of Morgan Hanley and Lisa Chase '63
365vip体育在线投注 Peggy Shepard '63 •

In honor of Oriane Durand
365vip体育在线投注 Marc Durand and Marie Poussin P'19 °

In honor of Paul Andrei Benoliel '18
365vip体育在线投注 Jeff Benoliel and Amy Branch P'18 •

In honor of Peter Ammirati '82, the apple of my eye
365vip体育在线投注 Teresa Ammirati '77***

In honor of Peter Rushton '68
Robert Buck '68***

In honor of Rebecca Bozzo '20
365vip体育在线投注 Victor Bozzo and Dianna Bozzo P'20

In honor of Renee Hurewitz '55 and
   Carolyn Klinger-Kueter '55

Carolyn Holder Livingston '55****

In honor of Riley Jiang '18
365vip体育在线投注 Zuguo Jiang and Hongmei Tan P'18°

In honor of Rishabh Kancherla '19
Ravi Kancherla and Lakshmi Krothapalli P'19°

In honor of Ruthanne Porter
Anthony Porter*

In honor of Sam Mauro '18
365vip体育在线投注 Gerald Roche and Sabina Mauro Roche P'18

In honor of Sasha Guzman '19
365vip体育在线投注 Sabrina Hall P'19°

In honor of Scott, Lauren, Rebecca, and everyone
William and Mary Belben P'17

In honor of Sophia Fay '19
Michael and Holly Fay P'18 '19 '23

In honor of Stanley Bi '18
365vip体育在线投注 Cindy Zhang P'18 °

In honor of Susan Rapp
365vip体育在线投注 Amy Meade P'20 °

In honor of Terrance Glover '21
Terrance Glover Sr. and Lelenie Glover P'21 °

In honor of the Class of 2021
Jamili Abraham P'21 °

In honor of the Development Staff

In honor of the Faculty, Staff, and
   Leadership of Solebury School

365vip体育在线投注 Andrew Braun and Laurie Braun P'20

In honor of the Teachers
365vip体育在线投注 Suzanne Cunningham '01 •

In honor of Tom '07 and Nick '12
365vip体育在线投注 Diane and Thomas Carugati **

In honor of Yuan Lin '18
Xiaoyi Lin and Wanxi Li P'18

In honor of Zelong Rick Zhang
365vip体育在线投注 Bin Zhang and Feng Liu°

In honor of Zoe Chanler Sharpe '19
Carl and Regina Sharpe P'19

In honor of Zoe Lipsky '21
365vip体育在线投注 Michael and Lori Lipsky P'21 '23

In honor of Addie Groth-Tuft '19
Dr. Charlie Groth and Mr. Dan Tuft P'13 '19*

In honor of Diane Dauer
365vip体育在线投注 Robert Kass and Loreta Matheo Kass P'15 •

In honor of Jane Unger
Dr. Thomas Unger **

In honor of Ronnie Reade '69
John Sadwith '68****


In memory of "Doc" Washburn and Charles Lawson 
Peter Whelan '47***

In memory of Arthur "Doc" Washburn 
365vip体育在线投注 Margo Harder Lawless '64**

In memory of Betty Tjossem 
Cyndee Wilson Sindelar '89

In memory of Charles Gale and Josh Lomas 
Britta Milks and Jason Petrarca **

In memory of Dan "BJ" Smookler 
365vip体育在线投注 Joshua Perlsweig '03 and Natalie Hamill*

In memory of David Komar 
365vip体育在线投注 Harry Mauchet and Deborah Raven P'15 •

In memory of Eunice and Aaron Bishop 
365vip体育在线投注 Jeffrey Bishop '67***

In memory of Hannah the School Cook 
Rosetta Stanford '73

In memory of James MacArthur '56 
Michael and Marika Sienkiewicz '56 ****

In memory of John A Silver, Jr. 
Wistar Silver '59**

In memory of Mariella Sundstrom 
365vip体育在线投注 Sarah McPhee '78**

In memory of Phoebe Chorley P'71 '79 
Tom Hunt '74 and Kathrine Motley P'16***

In memory of Prudence Day 
Anonymous •

In memory of Roger Perry 
365vip体育在线投注 Joyce Bulifant '56 **

In memory of Sam Miller '70 
Anne Miller ***

In memory of Selma Waxman Widem H'47 
365vip体育在线投注 Susan Widem

In memory of Sheila King '73 
Jenny Wilson '72 *

In memory of Stephen & Stanis Hoyt 
Peter Hoyt '49****

In memory of Thelma Laporta P'67 '69 '71 
365vip体育在线投注 Eric '77 and Susan Wald **

In memory of Zechariah Scholes 
Ken and Dawn Harms °