Solebury School Faculty

365vip体育在线投注solebury attracts and retains exceptional teachers, many of whom make the school a career destination. they are skilled classroom educators who are committed to the success of all students and share a common approach to education. our teachers:

  • allow students to stretch themselves, discover new intellectual talents and passions, pursue these at the highest level, and take on challenges that they otherwise might not.
  • give students the confidence to take intellectual and creative risks, speak up, share ideas, and participate actively in class.
  • make themselves available to students, whether it's to go over material for a test, brainstorm ideas for a paper, edit a college application essay, or offer guidance on the ups and downs of teenage life.

As soon as you arrive at Solebury, you are assigned a faculty advisor who will serve as mentor, advocate, and guide. Advisors help you develop the skills needed to achieve your potential and become college-ready. Advisors are also the point of contact for parents.

Faculty Directory

365vip体育在线投注please use the form below to search for a solebury school teacher. you can also search administrators and staff members.