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Reflecting on Remote Learning at Solebury School

solebury teachers engaged in a full week of professional development in late march to prepare for this term of remote learning. after adjusting to teaching through zoom, canvas, and outside of solebury's traditional classroom schedule, we realized the opportunities presented by this new environment. by the middle of the spring, over 95% of our teachers and more than 90% of our students surveyed reported that remote learning was working for them. we are aiming much higher as we approach the 2020-21 school year.

Reading Day Is Monday, June 3

365vip体育在线投注the day immediately precedes final exams on june 4-6; students can either study at home or take advantage of this extended window when all teachers will be available for extra help.

May Day 2019 Awards

on friday, may 3, solebury school proudly awarded the following...

A Progressive Era Party

students were assigned historical figures from the progressive era and came in character to the dinner, which took place in the solebury garden.

Honors Environmental Science Students Refresh Our School Garden
If our students ever want to create their own plant beds in the future, they'll know exactly how to do it from scratch — from the sawing the wood to assembling the beds, choosing what to plant and how to help their produce and flowers blossom.